Criminal Tax law

Omitted VAT payment, false, unfaithful and omitted tax returns constitute the advanced frontier of economic criminal law.
The direct confiscation and for equivalent of the profit of the tax offenses becomes the main sanction by overcoming, in terms of affliction, the same prison sentence.
Senior managers, members of the Board of Directors of companies, auditors and professionals are the recipients of the penalties provided for in the criminal tax system.
The Firm specializes in defense in the field of criminal tax law and has addressed, also in numerous publications, the issues of direct and equivalent seizure and direct and equivalent confiscation.
The Firm assists major national and multinational companies in the area of criminal tax law.
The Firm has specific expertise in the field of money laundering and self-laundering crimes, including those of transnational significance, and our professionals are the authors of numerous publications on comparative criminal tax law.